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When I was injured at my warehouse job, I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep paying my bills plus my medical bills. Luckily, my brother had some experience with Pacific Attorney group and told me I needed you guys if I wanted to win. Since it was my brother I trusted his judgement. Glad to say he was correct and they took care of my case with ease. I’m forever indebted Yelp Location: Los Angeles

Lucia Blanco

Definitely a 5 star personal injury firm. From the very first time you meet them at the office, they pay attention to every detail and work with you throughout the entire process. Another great thing about them is they take into account your injury. Me personally, my head was banged up pretty bad after a construction accident, but they made sure they got the most money for me. Best experience I’ve had with a law firm to date. Yelp Location: Beverly Hills

Walker Whitney

I’ve had the unpleasant experience of working with other law firms in the past and none of them compare to PAG. Each of the attorneys are highly capable, knowledgeable and they aren’t pushovers either. It’s a great comfort knowing that your attorney is willing to do whatever for you. Best lawyers in town. Yelp Location: San Jose


Artur J

Stopping by to thank Seth for all of his hardwork on my case. I know I was a lot to deal with, but he made sure I was comfortable and that I was informed at every step. As far as car accident lawyers go, they are the best in the business. They were all professional and compassionate which was needed at times. Thank you for your help, I don’t know where I would be without you. Yelp Location: Victorville

Mark wilson

It started off as a normal day, everyone on was in the warehouse moving along with their daily routine. As I was making my rounds, I heard a faint crashing sound, then everything went black. I remember waking up in the hospital asking my nurse what happened, and she told me that a box fell directly on my head knocking me unconscious. A couple days later my boss came to see me and asked me not to get an attorney. That right there made me skeptical. Turns out there was a mechanical issue that caused the box to fall. The device that controlled the stop door had a short and wouldn’t close completely. Our company knew about the issue for weeks and neglected to do anything about it. Immediately I called the only firm I knew that can take care of this kind of thing. You guys got me such a huge settlement that I can comfortably heal and take care of my family without going to work. I don’t know where I would be without you guys. Yelp Location: Bakersfield

Aaron Kennedy

Great law firm. When I needed a lawyer, I asked around and heard great things about Michael, Sara, and Olivia. I ended up working with Michael and I was so impressed. The tenacity impressed me and how he carried himself in the court let me know he takes his job serious. If i’m ever hurt in a car crash again ( and I hope not ) I know exactly who I’m calling Yelp Location: San Francisco

Seman Evans

This message is to everyone that’s reading this. If you have been injured in a crash or even at work. You will need a personal injury attorney. With that being said, you will need a great attorney. I would suggest choosing an lawyer from Pacific Attorney Group. They all have accolades and experience that will prove to be invaluable in the courtroom. If you still are unsure, ask around. Everyone will tell you how great they are. Yelp Location: Long Beach

Tyler Zimmerman

Just got off the phone with my attorney Sara from PAG and as always she had good news for me. When I was injured on the job I wasn’t sure if I’d be eligible for workman’s comp. thanks to Sara not only did she help me get the compensation, but I received way more than I thought I would. Very impressed with how she handled the entire case. 5 stars. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

Wilbert Paschke

In need of an accident lawyer? Look no further. Pacific Attorney group is like the Warriors of law firms. I was really impressed how my attorney handled himself in the courtroom. I’ve heard great things about Michael but to see it in person is a thing of beauty. You guys rock! Yelp Location: Los Angeles

Alessandro Brunetti

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