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  • Lucia Blanco


    When I was injured at my warehouse job, I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep paying my bills plus my medical bills. Luckily, my brother had some experience with Pacific Attorney group and told me I needed you guys if I wanted to win. Since it was my brother I trusted his judgement. Glad to say he was correct and they took care of my case with ease. I’m forever indebted Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Walker Whitney


    Definitely a 5 star personal injury firm. From the very first time you meet them at the office, they pay attention to every detail and work with you throughout the entire process. Another great thing about them is they take into account your injury. Me personally, my head was banged up pretty bad after a construction accident, but they made sure they got the most money for me. Best experience I’ve had with a law firm to date. Yelp Location: Beverly Hills

  • Artur J


    I’ve had the unpleasant experience of working with other law firms in the past and none of them compare to PAG. Each of the attorneys are highly capable, knowledgeable and they aren’t pushovers either. It’s a great comfort knowing that your attorney is willing to do whatever for you. Best lawyers in town. Yelp Location: San Jose


  • Mark wilson


    Stopping by to thank Seth for all of his hardwork on my case. I know I was a lot to deal with, but he made sure I was comfortable and that I was informed at every step. As far as car accident lawyers go, they are the best in the business. They were all professional and compassionate which was needed at times. Thank you for your help, I don’t know where I would be without you. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • Aaron Kennedy


    It started off as a normal day, everyone on was in the warehouse moving along with their daily routine. As I was making my rounds, I heard a faint crashing sound, then everything went black. I remember waking up in the hospital asking my nurse what happened, and she told me that a box fell directly on my head knocking me unconscious. A couple days later my boss came to see me and asked me not to get an attorney. That right there made me skeptical. Turns out there was a mechanical issue that caused the box to fall. The device that controlled the stop door had a short and wouldn’t close completely. Our company knew about the issue for weeks and neglected to do anything about it. Immediately I called the only firm I knew that can take care of this kind of thing. You guys got me such a huge settlement that I can comfortably heal and take care of my family without going to work. I don’t know where I would be without you guys. Yelp Location: Bakersfield

  • Seman Evans


    Great law firm. When I needed a lawyer, I asked around and heard great things about Michael, Sara, and Olivia. I ended up working with Michael and I was so impressed. The tenacity impressed me and how he carried himself in the court let me know he takes his job serious. If i’m ever hurt in a car crash again ( and I hope not ) I know exactly who I’m calling Yelp Location: San Francisco

  • Tyler Zimmerman


    This message is to everyone that’s reading this. If you have been injured in a crash or even at work. You will need a personal injury attorney. With that being said, you will need a great attorney. I would suggest choosing an lawyer from Pacific Attorney Group. They all have accolades and experience that will prove to be invaluable in the courtroom. If you still are unsure, ask around. Everyone will tell you how great they are. Yelp Location: Long Beach

  • Wilbert Paschke


    Just got off the phone with my attorney Sara from PAG and as always she had good news for me. When I was injured on the job I wasn’t sure if I’d be eligible for workman’s comp. thanks to Sara not only did she help me get the compensation, but I received way more than I thought I would. Very impressed with how she handled the entire case. 5 stars. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Alessandro Brunetti


    In need of an accident lawyer? Look no further. Pacific Attorney group is like the Warriors of law firms. I was really impressed how my attorney handled himself in the courtroom. I’ve heard great things about Michael but to see it in person is a thing of beauty. You guys rock! Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Gary Dickens


    I was working with a moving company for about 8 years. Not once have I ever been injured on the job, not even a twisted ankle. On this particular day, it was raining hard and some of the water began leaking into the trailer. At first it was manageable, but as the storm picked up, the floor became soaked and slippery. Many of the workers, including myself, asked to leave several times, but our manager insisted that we keep working. While trying to stack a 50 pound box near the top of the truck, my plant leg slipped on the water inside the truck and I came down hard on my leg. To make matters worse, the box I was trying to load fell directly on my ribs knocking the wind out of me. I laid there for a full 20 minutes before anyone found me. The ambulance was called and I was taken to the hospital. A couple days later, my job starts an investigation into me to try and prove I caused the entire accident. I knew I needed a great attorney to defend me and luckily I found about you guys. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me and my family. Yelp Location: Beverly Hills

  • Adamen Nilina


    Hey Sara, thanks for all of your help with my case. I still got 2 more physical therapy sessions to go, but if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to heal correctly. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you. Excellent law firm with excellent lawyers. Highly recommended. Yelp Location: Bakersfield

  • Harry Bowser


    Overall a great law firm for personal injury cases. My attorney was adam and he knew exactly what to do and how best to help me. He instructed me on what doctor to go to and was truly with me every step of the way. Even after my case was settled, he still calls to check on me. That’s something that’s not common with lawyers but much appreciated. Thank you! Yelp Location: San Jose

  • Jason Elmore


    Pacific Attorney Group did a very thorough job on my Mother’s accident case. I was assisted by a man named Alex and he was very knowledgeable and he accurately fit his job description. He was able to answer all of our questions and was very attentive to our case. He would call us at night and check in with us in the afternoon to let us know his current progress with putting our case file together. Alex came across as hardworking and genuine from beginning to end. I would highly recommend giving this place a try and ask for Alex. Yelp Location: San Jose

  • Mike Bryson


    My experience with Pacific Attorney Group was wonderful. Pouran Saeedi and Brian Andrews got me twice as much as my first attorney from a different corporation. Thank You, Hallen B. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • Armen Tomanian


    Let me start by saying what a professional group. I had an accident in 2014 and used a different attorney which i regret.

    In 2015 i had an accident again and i contacted these guys. They sent a guy named Sepehr to my house who was very professional and nicr. Here is where it gets great. The person is charge of my case was Dareh and let me tell you he is great with answering your questions and staying on top of your case.

    My case than went to settlement which Hayk Yedoyan was in charge of it and he like dareh was a professional and nice pwrson who fought the insurance company for maximum settlement since the insurance company wantex to play games.

    Overal Mr. Shayani and his staff are great and I highly recomment this attorney to everyone. I will def use them for future needs. Also if you have workers comp case, ask for Azadeh she is great at what she does. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • LadyChainChomp


    Pacific Attorney Group was very helpful and trustworthy. They assured us we would receive a set amount and we did. I greatly appreciate them for their honesty and consistent level of service. My family and I are so grateful. Yelp Location: Bakersfield

  • Jalena Calico


    Pacific Attorney Group helped me turn my situation into a miracle. They provided thorough support and kept me in the loop very often. Would recommend them for curing your injury financial needs. Yelp Location: San Francisco

  • Diego Peña


    My case started out a nightmare, but with the help of Pacific Attorney Group I found the perfect solution. Their services were fantastic, and I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. Yelp Location: San Francisco

  • Martin Austin


    it was a pleasure dealing with this law firm. Especially I would like to thank Alex Who handled my case very professionally and fast. My settlement was beyond my imagination and was conducted very fast. Thank you Alex. Yelp Location: San Francisco

  • Matt Hood


    I got a check in only 4 months time! Thanks PAG for your hard work, superior customer service, and reliability! I highly recommend! Yelp Location: San Jose

  • Jonathan McCarty


    So far everything is going smoothly. My case manager is always there when I need her to answer any of my questions. Yelp Location: Stockton


  • King Solowings


    I originally had a horrible experience, Alex fixed everything and even closed my case a week early. He quickly set his employees on the right track and made a complete 180. Thanks Alex now I truly can have happy holidays
    SANDERS 2016 Yelp Location: Riverside

  • Corina Rodriguez


    My husband just settled his case yesterday and our experience was one that would cause me to recommend anyone to this firm. Although our case was really only taken care of by two of the greatest employees of this firm Cindie Garcia and Fred . I really am very fond of these two . Even during these past holidays they went far and beyond to get one of our cases settled . I always say these two are the greatest asset to this firm. They were both there to listen to me when our life felt like it was crumbling and never never did they once try to make things seem better than they were they were always honest and upfront with us. To say the honest to God truth our lively hood was in the hands of these two and never did I feel as they were annoyed with me calling them and let me tell you I called many , many , times . Thank you Pacific Attorney group but most of all THANK YOU CINDIE AND FRED. I KIND OF AM FEELING SAD THAT ITS ALL OVER . I felt as if you two were part of my family and without ever even meeting you in person. Again thank you may May God Bless you and your firm. Samuel and Pauline Rodriguez will always be thankful to you. Before closing let me go just a little further and thank the wonderful receptionist who always do their job and never got angry with us. Yelp Location: Palmdale

  • Hesam Ghanavati


    I recommend pacific attorney group to everyone lovely people especially when it comes to caring thank you miss pouran saeedi for making my life easier for all your help and being so responsible. Yelp Location: San Bernardino

  • Robert Abram


    My experience was very good I had a great attorney by the name of Alex who works in the workers comp dept.they couldn’t have put a better man in that position .he is very patient and knows his job well.he instantly put me at ease as I did not know what to expect .he fought hard for me at every turn.he helped me get a fair and descent settlement.I recommend him highly.to anyone in my situation.thanks again Alex at pacific attorney group. Yelp Location: Riverside

  • Jonathan Emmons


    I had a slip and fall at work and got injured bad. My employer released me back to work while I was still in pain. I almost lost everything because my employer did not care about me. I hired pacific attorney group to open a workers comp case and help me fight the insurance company. Pacific Attorney Group took my case and worked very hard on my behalf. The staff at this office was very helpful and supportive. They returned my phone calls and put me in touch with the right doctors that helped me get better. Pacific Attorney Group went after the insurance company and forced them to give me a great settlement. I am very happy with the money they got me . A special thanks to Alex. I recommend this office if you have a work injury case. They get the job done. Yelp Location: Stockton

  • Sal Rivera


    Involved in a crash at work got refereed to Pacific Attorney group and I am glad I did. Everything is going smooth as can be and I have a fantastic case manager. Cindy Garcia is handling my Workers Comp case and answers all my questions in a timely fashion I feel like i have a direct line to her anytime i want. In all I feel like I am being represented exceptionally well and although my case is not over I know i’m in good hands. Thank you Cindy Garcia for making my horrible experience less of a pain. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • Seena H


    You guys have done an outstanding job taking care of my case. You really did take the worry out of my hand and guided me through the whole process. Whenever I had a issue or a concern you would get back to me right away. Custom satisfaction is obviously very important to you guys and you show it! Thank you for a outstanding service and I will definitely be using you again. Yelp Location: Beverly Hills

  • Kamy Missaghi


    It was a pleasure dealing with a professional staff at this firm. Thank you for your hard work. Yelp Location: San Jose

  • Ramin Harirchian


    I loved the experience I had with Pacific attorney group. My case was a bit more complicated but the process went very smoothly. Hermik Sayad was there to answer all my questions and informed me of different options to work with. She was very professional, knowledgeable, effective and made the legalese easy to understand. Needless to say, the outcome was actually very positive and I was very satisfied. If a legal situation arise again, I would definitely go back to her for my legal needs. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • NYC Man


    I was involved in a rear end car accident. Because my injuries were serious i hired attorney P. Mark Shayani at pacific attorney group. We recently settled the case. I am very happy with the settlement. They are very aggressive in fighting the insurance company and getting top dollar. I recommend these guys for accident cases.
    I would also like to thank everyone who helped work on my case but mostly, I like to thank Sherri Allage. She is outstanding and so very helpful. I like to thank her for taking the time to answer my questions thoroughly an honestly. I will be passing there info on to anyone who needs to seek legal advice and representation. I can’t say enough about the staff there and the professionalism Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Kristin Gavin


    Christine Suro has been a wonderful teammate in the process of settling my workers compensation case. I could not be happier with her tireless efforts to make sure everything is handled in a timely and efficient fashion. She has also show genuine care for my wellbeing during my injury. Yelp Location: Los Angeles



    Goli was my case manager, she has been very helpful, and answer all of my questions regarding the case. Furthermore she did a excellent job on handling the case and getting it done as fast as possible. I couldn’t even imagine to have such good experience. Yelp Location: San Bernardino

  • Henrik Serkesians


    I highly recommend Payam Shayani as your accident attorney. His team is the best. Their assistance not only through the legal process but also dealing with insurance company in order to claim your losses was exceptional. I especially wanted to thank Talin Mahmoodi for the great assistance and customer service she provided. As a case manager she is so knowledgeable and achieved the best results at a fastest turn around which was amazing. Thank you Talin and keep up the good work. YOU ROCK. Yelp Location: Stockton

  • Debbie Rihani


    I just settled my first case with Mr. Shayani and he gave me the best settlement I could ever ask for. He has worked really hard on my case for 2 years to give me the best outcome, and he definitely came through. I don’t think any other attorney could have done what he did to get me the best settlement. I HIGHLY recommend Payam Shayani for any personal injury case. The only downfall is that it took a long time for him to settle my case, but it was all worth it at the end. Yelp Location: Beverly Hills

  • Mohammad Tehrani


    My dad’s case was with PAG. They did a great job of getting him a large settlement. They also did a good job of finding him good doctors. Recommend. Yelp Location: San Jose

  • Akbar Ghovanlo


    “Last year i was on Ventura Blvd waiting at a traffic light when I got rear ended really hard. I ended up having lots of medical problems and had to have Epidural procedure surgery done. My friend recommended Pacific Attorney Group. I hired them after talking to their top attorney, Mr. Shayani. I have nothing but great things to say about them. They settled my case at Policy Limits which really impressed me. I am very happy with the settlement money they got me. They also got discount on my medical bills which helped me net more. This office was always there for me, answering my questions, and giving me good advise. I highly recommend this office for big accident cases.” Yelp Location: San Jose

  • Vruyer Malekian


    My father was crossing the street on his wheelchair and was hit hard by a car. My friend recommended that I contact Attorney Mark Shayani from Pacific Attorney Group as he is known to handle big injury cases. Mr. Shayani took the case and recently settled the case for a lot more than what we thought we can get for my dad’s injuries. I am impressed by this result. I find all the attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group to be very aggressive, fighters, and caring about clients. My Family highly recommends this law firm to anyone looking for an accident lawyer. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • Brandon Bottoms


    I just want to start by thanking everyone who helped work on my Workers Comp. case, but mostly Alex Alvarez. He was outstanding and so very helpful. The Workers Comp proces is not a fun one to deal with but having Alex and P.A.G working for and with me really helped out during this process. I will be passing there info on to anyone who needs to seek legal advise and representation. I cant say enuff about the staff there and the professionalism and knowledge. Before I contacted P.A.G. my case was going no where, I was just part of the Workers comp. system but after contacting P.A.G. everything turned around for me and they got me the medical attention I needed and made sure all laws and rules where followed and maintained.
    Thanks again to everyone and The most Thanks goes out to Alex. I hope you continue your love for the court room, you have a very strong love and desire for the world of Law.
    Thanks again Alex and P.A.G. you have bettered my life physically, mentally and financially. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • Hoyt Adams


    pacific represented my interest in a workman’s comp ordeal. they did better than i thought possible . good people to work with always someone to talk with in regards to you case . Yelp Location: San Jose

  • Rachel R


    Pacific Attorney Group delivered their word to us and today our settlement check was finally delivered! It took about a year but they were able to efficiently keep us informed the whole way through. Thanks Yelp Location: Stockton

  • Zack R


    Received a settlement check within 4 months from PAG. Extremely impressed and grateful. Best results I’ve had so far. Highly recommend them. Yelp Location: Stockton

  • Ronnie B


    These guys are by the book 100% of the way. I believe this is how an attorney should operate.
    1.24/7 assistance just in case an emergency pops up.
    2.Be honest with you from the beginning so you do not waste your time
    3. Tell you a concrete plan of action so you can put trust in them
    Pacific Attorney Group did this for me in 6 months. Highly recommend. Yelp Location: Stockton

  • Robert S


    Excellent communication, well mannered, and kind-hearted attorneys here. I was able to get a check to support myself. Thank you. Yelp Location: Stockton

  • Raymond G


    Pacific Attorneys saved my tail. I didn’t know what I was going to do when my injuries prevented me from going to work for months. When I enlisted their help, I was crossing my fingers and praying to whatever God there is for a miracle. I had high hopes that someone out there could deliver some help. I was struggling very badly.

    Pacific Attorneys gave me the opportunity to financially support myself again, when I thought I was no longer able. They were great from beginning to end.. helping me mentally recover as well with their strong communication everyday. I would recommend the Pacific Attorney team to everyone. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • David W


    Pacific Attorney Group worked with me very closely after my car accident. They kept me in the loop about the entire process, making me feel like I had a fighting chance. One of my biggest pet peeves is communicating my own fate to me or just communicating in general. Linda was exceptionally vocal with me and offered me her personal cell phone number, so I really appreciated her prompt responses. I recommend these Attorneys for attentiveness. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Christian B


    Great attorneys that were very prompt with replying to all my status updates and questions. They provided me with their personal cell phone numbers so I would be able to get a hold of them 1 on 1 if something was urgent enough. Very professional and accommodating group of attorneys. I highly recommend them. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Mario F


    This company really helped me. I am grateful they gave my car accident the attention it deserved. They answered all my phone calls and inquiries by email. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks! Yelp Location: Beverly Hills

  • Jason S


    Thank you and God bless for helping my father, also Sara is such a sweet lady. I am very grateful for the amount I have received. Yelp Location: Beverly Hills

  • Steve E


    Hiring Pacific group was one the best decisions I have ever made with my motorcycle accident. They were extremely professional, courteous, and hands on with me. They were experts in handling my case within a timely manner. I am forever grateful to them for taking care of me. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • Fabian R



  • Timothy H


    I was in a horrible accident and called a few other lawyers in my city and decided to go with them. I’m glad everything is going smoothly and my case manager Yessica is very helpful each time I call in about a question. Yelp Location: Victorville

  • Garry E


    The case managers were always on time and worked everything out smoothly. i did shop around before but the staff is friendly and get the job done. My accident was in 2014 but I just never got around to leave a review or creating account..Happy with the overall settlement. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Linda L


    I hired pacific attorney group for my work injury case. They did a fair job and I was happy with them overall. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Paul G


    Very pleased with my settlement it was more than I was expecting so very happy about that. Communication was average but i was ok with it. I hire them again in future. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • A. n. R


    I would recommend to friends and family. All calls were returned on time and they helped me through these rough times I was experiencing after my injury. Yelp Location: Los Angeles

  • Christie A


    Mark is a highly aggressive lawyer and did a good job on my injury case. The legal assistants and paralegals also keep you on top of your case with updates. Hire them if you need an aggressive accident law firm. Yelp Location: San Bernardino